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The Benefits of Honey

Honey is nature's oldest sweetener and humans have a long history with it. From medicinal treatments in ancient Mesopotamia to a currency in 11th century Germany it's had many different uses over the years. Nowadays honey is primarily used as an ingredient or eaten on its own and when compared to processed sugars it offers a number of benefits including trace amounts of: enzymes amino acids B vitamins vitamin C antioxidants Honey is also much easier for our bodies to digest because of the enzymes that are added to the nectar by bees. Many added sugars and high fructose corn syrups can be inflammatory and cause digestive issues that upon extensive consumption may lead to conditions such as diabetes, heart...

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What do bees do in the winter?

 Ever wonder what bees do during the winter? When temperatures begin to cool in autumn, one of the first things a hive does is drop in population. The queen does this by laying fewer eggs to have fewer bees in the hive to make the food supply last. Another way to shrink the hive is by booting all the male drones out. Yup, that's right! A drone's only purpose is to reproduce with other queens, all of which will be staying at home during the winter leaving the drones unemployed. With no useful function during the winter and limited food, they are just extra mouths to feed so the ladies kick them to the curb. As always and especially during...

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